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Whistle200Most self-published authors will end up selling their own books through events and self-promotion.

So why pay for the bells and whistles when you only need the whistle?

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What You Do

What We Do

Your Work

  • Write a book using our Microsoft Word template that is less than 299 pages or no more than 100,000 words.
  • Provide any photos or artwork as source materials or scanned in hi-resolution.
  • Fill out a simple author and publication information form.
  • Share any thoughts on your cover design.
  • Provide one good photo of yourself.

Our Work

  • Convert your manuscript to a professionally designed book layout.
  • Create an attractive cover for your book.
  • Create a poster and flyer for your book.
  • Create an ISBN and Library of Congress number for your book.
  • Get your book press ready and get print quotes for you.
  • Post your book on Kindle Direct and Create Space for digital sales.

Your Money Stuff

  • Pay a deposit of $600.
  • Pay the balance of $399 before your book goes to press.
  • Pay in advance for printed books or promotional materials based on estimates for the finished work.

Our Money Stuff

  • We will manage book orders for you. Typically turn-around is 10 days.
  • We will provide quarterly reports of all online sales through our accounts and retain 30% of the fees. The remainder will be sent to you via check.

Just One Option: Author Website

Create an author website that you can edit for $370 for the first year and $120 annually thereafter.

You can see an example here:

There Always Has To Be a Caveat or Two

Books of extended length or complexity, or books with extended illustrations or large numbers of photos may require additional fees (but not much).

We also reserve the right reject any manuscript that has content we feel is not appropriate for company or family of products.

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"Story trumps length, brevity trumps length, attention trumps length. Write short."

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