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Can I Convert a PDF to Editable Text?

We have had many requests from authors asking how they can get control of the their book since they don't have the source files or the book required extensive edits during the publishing process.

If you have a PDF file of your final book (or near final book) you may be able to convert your PDF into an MS Word Document that you can edit.

Here are the details for interior text

You will need Adobe Acrobat Professional or a similar product.

After you've opened your PDF, there is a 'Save As...' option to save to Microsoft Word (and other formats).

This will generate a DOC or DOCX file you can edit in MS Word.

Some issues

The quality of the Word export depends largely on the quality of the original text from which the PDF was created.

You may need to change the page size, margins, etc. for editing.

You can use Find and Replace to remove extra spaces, carriage returns, etc. Click here for  a quick guide to find and replacing special characters.

Graphics may convert but will basically be of no use.

 You will need to redesign the book

The exported files will not be publication ready.

You will need to have the manuscript re-typeset and new images/graphics created.

For Cover Art

If you have a PDF of your cover art you may be able to work with it in Photoshop.

Again, you will need the professional version of Photoshop to do this.

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