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Recovering Your Domain

There are three ways to recover a domain name.


  • Domain: This your actual domain name that ends in usually .com, .net, or .org (though there are 288 total extensions available). Owning a domain is a really not correct terminology. You are granted a license to use the particular string through ICANN as long as you keeping paying for it.
  • Registrar: This is the organization that manages the records associated with your domain. There are hundreds of registrars. Most of the Intermedia domains are registered at GoDaddy. This it to whom fees are paid annually.
  • ICANN:  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( This is the international organization the manages the internet name system.

FIRST: Find the registrar. You can get the domain record from this site: Just type in the domain without the WWW and you will get the full record.

Keep in mind that all this is governed by ICANN (the global Internet management organization) and registrars have no leeway on these procedures.

SECOND: Choose a Method

Best Case Scenario: The administrative contact is cooperative and will assist you with the transfer. Your registrar can hlep you with the details.

Or, if the administrative contact is not helpful or not avaialble contact the registrar and request a domain ownership change: If the registered domains are clearly represent your corporate name, motto, or a DBA of your corporation you may be able to gain control by contacting the domain registrar and asking them what their procedure is for this action. You will need to provide corporate information and any chain of custody for the domain (emails indicating you authorized IPG to register it, credit card charges, etc.).

File a Uniform Domain Dispute: This is complex and time consuming process and there are some costs associated with it. However, since it is an arbitration process it can proceed quickly. You can find the details at this page:

File a lawsuit for intellectual property infringement: This is very time consuming and expensive.

Domain Snappers: There are a number of sites that will track expired domains through the expiration and 60 day waiting period and then grab them in milliseconds. Try or

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