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Friends of Pendale House Press and David Mercaldo: We are saddened to inform David's friends and followers that he passed away peacefully on January 9, 2021 in the presence of his family and entered into the presence of God. Arrangements are pending. We miss you, friend, husband, and father.

PPPPageImages-v02-Web06Complete Self-Publishing (CSP) Setup

The goal here is to keep your property where it should be: Under your control. For $1500 plus modest expenses (less than $300) we will setup all your accounts with Amazon, Create Space, Lightning Source, Gmail, Barnes and Noble, Bowker, and related registrations. We will also reserve key social media registrations and core domains. Essentially we are creating a personal publishing company for you. You will get back full documentation on how to access these accounts and maintain them.

Publishing Your Book

After setting up your CSP we will assist you in publishing your book in association with Paperclip Press. Typical design and production costs for a 200 page book is $1200-1600 which includes the cover and interior. Additional costs may be incurred for professional editing or the procurement and production of illustrations. We will then submit it the various entities created in your CSP project. We will provide final estimates base on the complexity and length of your book.

Printing and Reproduction Services

  • You will be able to order individual copies of your books through CreateSpace. Typically it is not advisable to purchase more than a few since the unit costs can be high.
  • We can provide state-of-the art digital or offset printing of your books at reasonable costs, even in small quantities. Print quotes will be prepared based on final book configuration.

Optional Services

  • Professional Editing: Every book can benefit from good read by a capable grammarian and fact checker. This will be estimated based on your page count and content.
  • Social Networking Package: Social media is a fantastic tool. But if it is not setup correctly it will fail. Our team can establish all your social media accounts correctly, with the right permissions, images, and related resources. Then train you on how to use them effectively. Packages start at $300 and proceed from there depending on your interest. We will provide you some estimates after we speak.
  • Marketing Package and Elements: We can assist you in preparing a range of flyers, brochures, and mailing pieces as required and arrange for mailing and printing.
  • Pay-Per Click Online Ads: We can assist you with the creation of and placement of various online ads for your book.
  • Video Stories: We can assist you in created targeted videos for your book.

Ongoing Services

After the creation of your CSP, we will offer you a $20 a month service agreement (payable annually) that will provide an author website based on our template with a domain. You can see a sample here: The site will be editable by you.

Single Publication Project

If you only want to publish a single book we will assist you directly through Paperclip Press. The same book setup and product fees apply. Then we will retain 20% of royalties derived from the book and send the rest to you.

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