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PPPPageImages-v02-Web01WHY SELF-PUBLISH?

It is now easier than ever to publish your book. No longer must you print thousands of copies in order to get a good rate; you can print just one book if you want to. Nor do you need lead times of weeks or months; you can print on demand. And your book can be distributed electronically and be available on huge networks such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. So now anyone with a good idea and bit of money can be published.



It may seem like a complex task to publish a book. It is and it isn't. If you simply want to create a book on your word processor and copy it at your local copy center, it's easy. However, if you want to publish a book of commercial quality, one that looks and feels like the books at your local bookseller's, well, that's a bit harder. But Paperclip Press can make it easier for you. We've done all the leg work. We'll help you get everything in order to bring your book to press and to market. Editing, design concepts, layout, production, registrations, marketing, and a dozen more tasks are all handled for you. All you need to do is write your book.



Publishing a book involves a number of steps.

You send us an overview and sample chapter. After a quick review, we will respond with a letter telling you our decision. If we choose to assist you, we will schedule an online meeting to discuss your project.


Issues may include:Time required to complete the book

  • Required editing and research
  • Expected length
  • Complexity of design
  • Intended market.
  • Electronic distribution.
  • Copyright and related legal issues.
  • Financial realities.

From this discussion we will formulate a proposal indicating your options and various financial scenarios.

PPPPageImages-v02-Web03WHAT IT COSTS

Each book is unique, each author has his or her own expectations, each audience deserves the best; therefore, every book has a different scenario. At Paperclip Press we'll find the most cost-effective way to get your book to market.

When both parties agree on the details, we'll present a contract for your approval. After the contract is signed and fiscal arrangements are made, we'll get started. Before you know it you'll be a published author.
Traditional publishers do a very good job. However, they accept only a few of the thousands of manuscripts submitted each year. If you're able to make it to acceptance, you'll typically be offered an advance to finish the book and a small royalty based on wholesale prices. Which, unless you're famous, isn't much. Then you have to finish the book and wait, and wait...and wait. It will take at least months, sometimes a year or more for your book to make it through the system. When it does, and hopefully begins to sell, you start collecting royalties. But they're applied to your advance and if they never exceed the advance you'll get nothing more for your hard work.

Many mainstream publishers are offering a self-publishing option of sorts. Much as with us, you'll pay for your up-front costs and printing. It will cost you more, but if your book really has wide market potential, this may be a real option.


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